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Memories Loose Leaf Work Book

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Perfect gift for Parents or Grandparents.

What makes anything literally priceless?
Answer: It cannot be replaced regardless of the price you are willing and eager to pay.

Once your favorite people on this earth have gone on to their eternal rewards, whatever memories they have written by hand cannot be replaced regardless of the amount of dollars you would be willing to pay. This is one gift absolutely guaranteed to become a priceless family heirloom.

If your parents, grandparents, favorite aunts and uncles, or mentors are still living this is the perfect gift. Written memories become heirlooms for your children’s children and are guaranteed to become priceless with the passage of time. The Memories book contains over 500 memory-jogging questions to help your loved one relive and write about her or his life’s milestones. It’s a beautiful album type book with padded covers and a binding which opens widely for easy writing. Memories is also a “boomerang” gift! You give it to your loved one this year, he or she fills it with memories over the next 1-50 years, then it returns to you as an heirloom for your children’s children."